You’re a rebel so be proud of it.

When you first decided to become a life coach you were probably that you needed to choose One Big Goal.

So if you were going to own your own business you of course need to choose building your coaching business as your One Big Goal. 

But what if at the same time you were at your highest weight ever? 

What if you wake up every day hating the way you looked in the mirror? 

What if you’ve been slowly gaining 10lbs a year over the last few years and are constantly finding yourself anxiously eating every time you think about it?

It’s a good thing you’re a rebel and proud of it. 

When you decided to build your coaching business it didn’t have to mean that you had to give up losing weight and learning how to love your body.

You haven’t given up being a part of your family, sleeping, or eating so this doesn’t have to be any different. 

You can give yourself permission to do both, build your business, and lose the weight for the last time.

They told you to only focus on your coaching business because weight loss has always been complicated and taken up a lot of time & effort…up until now. 

Weight loss is simple. It’s the easiest thing you’ll do all day. 

You learn a few skills, all of which are transferable from and to your business, make some life-long identity shifts, and build some habits. That’s it.

I went against the One Goal Rule, lost 20 pounds, and, you guessed it, built my coaching business. I built my first business, lost weight, stopped emotionally eating, and started loving my body…and I didn’t die.

Now I help you do the same thing because you’re a rebel too.

You’re tired of reason after reason coming up for putting weight loss on hold. (And they always keep coming!) 

I’m with you: You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health and weight goals to build your coaching business.

I created my 6-month coaching package with YOU in mind.

I offer SIMPLE weight loss for coaches who are building their businesses. 

We work together on a 1:1 basis to make losing 15 pounds the easiest thing you do in your day.

You want to be able to lose the weight, never lose focus in your business, and do it in a way so that the weight will STAY OFF.

You’ll leave our six months together 15 pounds lighter with the exact process mastered to keep that weight off. 

Let’s get started on the last weight loss journey you’ll ever go on and find yourself 15 pounds lighter with a thriving coaching business. 

No more excuses. No more waiting.

P.S. Now is the perfect time to get started. Six months from now, you’ll be ready to go into fall, with zero stress about holiday weight gain, maybe for the first time ever in your life. It’s time to click this link and book your call with me to see if we’re a good fit and get started on your last and simplest weight loss journey ever.