You might be a Life Coach if you love thoughts 😛.

So today, I’m sharing with you my top ten favorite thoughts to get started today.

Here’s the tea: as Life Coaches, we are honored to help others better their lives.

This means it’s part of our job to go after what makes OUR lives better.

If losing weight and stopping overeating is your TRUE DESIRE, then why would you put off that journey even one more day?

Be the Life Coach who goes after her dreams, not the Life Coach who puts her dreams off for another day, week, month, or year.

So read through these thoughts.

Steal the ones that make you feel COMPELLED and INSPIRED to make a move TODAY.

And then make a move today!

That’s all there is to it.

My top ten favorite thoughts to get started today:

  • I’m ready now because I decided that I am.
  • I have everything I need right now.
  • I’m ready to fail and learn 100x’s on my way to success.
  • Today is the best day to begin.
  • I can’t mess this up.
  • I want to start today so I can start learning from my trials and errors.
  • I only have to start one time so let’s get this over with.
  • Tomorrow me will be glad I started today.
  • Starting is easy: it’s just a decision.
  • I don’t leave the important things for tomorrow, I do them today.

There they are!

Make them yours. Add to them. Just use one. Whatever gets you going, today.

I’ve started and stopped diets, shake supplements, workout programs, and nutrition plans so. many. times. over the years.

My biggest takeaway after having lost weight and kept it off for years now: Just get started.

Heck, you’re a Life Coach now because you got started one day.

We HAVE to get started so we can fail & succeed, so we can FINALLY figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

If I hadn’t started over and over again for all of those years and with all those diets, I would never have found the stop overeating program where I finally learned what works for me.

If I hadn’t found that stop overeating program, I wouldn’t have been so COMPELLED by my own transformation to help others get the same thing for themselves.

And what a bummer that would be. If I had kept waiting to start…

So steal my thoughts above and get started today.

Whether you’ve lost weight before and gained it back, never lost the weight, or have taken a break on your weight loss journey.

Get started today.

Tomorrow you can send me an email and thank me 😛.

P.S. Want *my help* as you get started? Click this link and schedule a time for us to chat this week. I am a weight loss Coach for Coaches and I would be honored to help you lose the weight for good as you’re building your coaching business. We’ll get on a consultation call, the purpose of which is to make the decision to work together. Let scheduling that call be the first step you take on this journey.

To 2020!

I’m not the best at celebrating. It’s something I’ve kind of been working on in 2020.

But I realize that I’m doing the best I can. And when I think about how I’m doing the best I can, and I’m celebrating that, it makes me really want to celebrate. Isn’t that funny?

I have found that part of what makes celebrating easier is being in gratitude because of how good the emotion of gratitude feels in my body. When I think about the things I’m grateful for, it feels so good!

I would highly recommend taking five minutes to just celebrate and be in gratitude. Feel that emotion of gratitude in your body. It’s the best!

So I’m celebrating/being in gratitude as I write this, and I want to share that with you because I love reading other people’s celebrations, gratitude lists, and I just love sharing with you, my people.

So let’s celebrate! Continue reading “Celebrating 2020!”

If 5:30am is early enough for anxiety to sit on your chest like a half ton truck, it’s early enough for you to do something about it.

And I don’t mean give into it.

Allow it to pass by!

Have you played Minecraft?

In Minecraft, your character can wear different skins, kind of like outfits, but a skin changes your entire identity, not just your clothes.

When you ALLOW anxiety to pass by, you’re taking off the skin of ANXIETY.

When you GIVE IN to the anxiety, you’re keeping that skin on. All. Day. Long.

But Paige..what does anxiety have to do with weight loss?

Good question friend!

In simple terms: wear the anxiety skin all day = need to eat food to feel better all day.

Take off the anxiety skin off = don’t need food for relief. Just eat the food you planned.

When you ALLOW the anxiety to pass by you don’t have to WORRY about EATING all day to cover it up.

When you hang onto the anxiety ALL DAY LONG you’ll just go to cookies to feel better! Or TRY to resist the cookies and feel even worse!

Stopping overeating is so simple when you use the Urge Jar to ALLOW the anxiety, to take off the anxiety skin.

{You better believe this is coming to you after I woke up with overwhelm and anxiety, allowed the anxiety with an Urge Bead and my Urge Jar at 5:30am, and then wrote this up JUST so I could share it with you today.}

If you’re DONE with all day long anxiety AND EATING to just get through the day with some relief, then you NEED to work with me.

No we don’t have to play Minecraft together, but that could be a fun bonus!

I’m giving away TWO more Urge Jars with a special training on how to become a MASTER at allowing anxiety and other not helpful emotions to pass by.

Three Urge Jars have been claimed already.

If I’m speaking to you, and you know exactly what I’m talking about and WANT a change, click this link & book your consultation call.

We’ll talk about how to make this change in your life.

I see a different future for you.

I believe you can create that future.

Let’s go.

My mission as a Life Coach and the mission of my company, Paige Bowman Coaching:

Every Life Coach will be able to make money in their business & hit their weight loss goal: no sacrifice needed.

No Life Coach will ever have to go on building her coaching business with extra, unwanted weight anymore. 

Every Life Coach will know they can learn how to stop overeating & lose weight without losing focus in her business. 

Every Life Coach who has dreams of being a 6 figure coach will know she doesn’t have to wait to lose the weight until she reaches that goal.

She knows she can be at her goal weight and keep chugging along towards 6 figures. 

No Life Coach will ever believe that to make money as a coach she has to forsake her body and health goals. 

This is my mission. 

Watch out world. 

I changed the game in my own life and now I’m out to change the game in the coaching world.