I lost 25lbs and it’s been the simplest journey I’ve ever been on.

I did it! I crossed the finish line this week!

I hit the number on the scale, the goal I set over 2 years ago.

I did not set a time limit on this goal really. I just decided to follow the process I created, work on one thing at a time, and keep it simple.

Recently, I watched a video of myself from almost 3 years ago…

I was deep in shame about having stuffed my face all week with the worst foods…

I didn’t know how else to numb out, but then I felt terrible…

I felt so heavy from all the stress and almost depression-like thoughts I was having…

I didn’t see an end in sight but I KNEW better than to give up. Even though I was super busy, I just kept going, taking it one step at a time.

If only I could go back to her and tell her what would end up happening.

I’d find Life Coaching.

I’d find a stop overeating program that helped me understand WHY I was eating, not just what to eat differently.

I’d become a Life Coach.

I’d learn how to stop judging and shaming myself.

I’d create a different relationship with food.

I’d come to love my body the way it is, rolls, cellulite, and all.

I’d create my own simple process for losing weight so that I didn’t have to give it up as I built my coaching business.

I’d fall in love with my journey and results so much that I’d start sharing with others.

I’d come to a point where I stopped numbing out for days on end. Period.

I’d come to have a loving relationship with myself full of compassion and grace.

I’d hit that weight loss goal, feel good in my body, be the most productive I’ve ever been in my life, and create a six-figure business along the way.

Oh and the most relaxed and at peace.

I WISH more than anything I could go back and thank her for not giving up.

Instead, I’ll pass it forward. Help others who were in the same boat.

Because peace and joy should be available to all who want it, no matter what shape and size they are, what their goal is, and whether they have a lot going on in their life or not!

Celebrate with me!

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