I ask my clients to plan out their meals 24 hours in advance.

When they eat something that wasn’t on their plan, they went “off plan”.

It’s dinner time and you planned for chicken thighs and broccoli.

It’s been a long day of working on your business, you’re tired and definitely don’t feel like cooking. So you decide to eat cookies and popcorn instead. 

You went “off plan”.

And now the guilt, shame, and frustration set in.

Why can’t I figure this out? What’s wrong with me? I just want to stop being out of control!

But, going “off plan” COULD be the best thing that happens to you.

It’s what you do AFTER eating “off plan” that matters. ⁣

It is the PERFECT opportunity to learn WHY you ate “off plan”, so that you know how to address the problem and improve on it next time.⁣

The mess ups, mistakes, and “off plan” eats are what we use to GROW and get better. ⁣

And when you don’t address them, you keep making the same mistakes and wonder what’s wrong with you.⁣

After you’ve eaten “off plan” consider this: instead of beating yourself about it, put your white scientist robe on, pull out your clipboard and pen out, and ask some useful questions.

What thoughts were running through my mind BEFORE thinking about going “off plan”? 

What thoughts were running through my mind when I went and got the cookies and popcorn? 

What was I doing and how was I feeling before I decided to go “off plan”?

These kinds of questions will create curiosity and interest, much more impactful than shame and guilt.

This is your science experiment! You are much more able to learn about why you ate “off plan” with a perspective of curiosity minus the judgement.

Maybe you learn that you were thinking about how hard you’ve worked all day and that you deserved to eat something sweet instead of the bland dinner you had planned.

We can do something about that thought and make some changes in your thinking which is much more productive than questioning your willpower, and wondering if there’s something wrong with you.

So the next time you make a mistake? Put your white scientist robe back on, become curious, and learn some more about yourself.

P.S. You will learn how to turn “off plan” eats into FOREVER weight loss minus the shame and guilt when you coach with me. You will learn my powerful coaching tool that will help you coach yourself just like the scientist with the white robe on for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. You will learn how to lose the weight and never fall off the wagon again. Book your consultation call today. Stop waiting to lose the weight for good. 

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