Remember those Goosebumps books, where you got to choose the next part of the story every few pages, and if you read it more than once you never knew what the ending was going to be each time?

I think the author, R. L. Stine, got his inspiration from life.

I mean, that’s literally what we do, right? We try something, make a change, try something else, make another change, and in the end either succeed or fail.

Then we start a new adventure to go for a new goal or try for the one we failed at again.

Here was the adventure I was on for a long time (by long time I mean 15 years):

New {fill in diet, shake, exercise plan, nutrition plan, fit tip, or fast} to lose weight.

Set the goal in the fall to lose weight for spring.

Beat myself up for not having lose the weight already AND for gaining back what I lost previously.

Learn about this new thing or put it into action in my life.

Lose a bit of weight in the fall.

Winter comes, I get busy and stressed and gain the weight right back.

Finally, New Years resolution time and there goes the goal setting process to close up that cycle and start a new one.

One day I just got tired of that old adventure. It was pretty much the same adventure over and over again with minor changes in the diet or workout program I was trying.

So I chose a NEW adventure.

I found something to solve the UNDERLYING reasons why I was gaining the weight back every time.

I learned, failed, learned some more, failed again, and finally became this person who lose weight and kept it off.

Man what an adventure that’s been!

The old adventure was outdated, but it took my trying new things and continuing on my journey to finally find that one solution to end all solutions.

I kept choosing a new twist and a new turn, I kept going on adventures until I got to my end goal.

The me of today is so grateful to the me of the past who kept on going.

Now I’m on a new adventure, towards a new goal.

I’ll have to try different adventures to figure this one out while taking some lessons I’ve learned from the past 15 years to help myself now.

Here are a few of my lessons in tidbit form as you go out into the world and choose your adventure:

1. Choose on purpose. The world is doing what worlds do: exist. And you get to choose how you’ll think, feel, and act in this world. That’s how you create your life: choices. So choose. Purposefully.

2. If you don’t like how it’s going so far, or don’t like the end result, you can always try again. That’s the beauty of choosing your own adventure! It’s always up to you and you can always shift gears.

3. Enjoy the journey. Choosing your own adventure isn’t about actually losing the weight. It’s the process on the way to the end goal. Every day in your life, every page in the book is worth enjoying no matter where you are in your journey.

4. There’s no such thing as giving up. You can close the book. You can stop having weight loss as a goal. No one’s making you continue on this particular journey. You are in charge of your journey. You can stop at any point and you can continue on at any point. It’s all up to you, but there’s no such thing as quitting. And that’s a beautiful thing.

5. It’s always more fun with people involved. So go grab some of your most trusted mates and get them involved on your adventure, even if it’s just to listen to you as go through the crazy twists and turns and high’s and low’s of your journey.

6. Oh and that reminds me, have fun! I’ve recently decided, if something isn’t fun, then I’m not doing it. Not unless I find a way to make it fun or figure out a different way to do it. Choosing your own adventure can be a blast as long as you’ve got the right mindset.

Now go choose your own adventure (or continue down the one you’re already on with these extra tidbits)!

P.S. Now is the PERFECT time to choose a different adventure. Friend, it’s not an accident that you landed here. I have a spot just for you on my calendar and I’m ready to help you completely transform your life, starting with your weight. But don’t worry, what you change in one area ALWAYS trickles to another. You will walk away from our coaching time together having so much GRATITUDE to the you that says yes today. The you a year from now will be completely different because the present you chose a different adventure. Click this link to schedule our consultation call and get started today. 

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