Do you dream?

Do you set goals?

Do you desire change?

If you don’t dream, what keeps you from dreaming?

If you do dream, what do you do with those dreams?

I see three types of women as a Weight Loss Coach.

Which woman are you?

The first type of woman is the one who dreams of being 2 sizes smaller in her jeans and buying her first 2-piece bikini for summer. She’s excited to work with me to learn how to lose the next 10lbs. She acts on her dream.

The second type of woman is the one who dreams of overcoming her cravings and binge eating every night, but thinks it’s totally impossible. She will tell me all the reasons why there’s no way it could happen for her, so she’s decided it’s not worth trying.

The third type of woman has stopped dreaming. She has given up on the idea of losing the weight, of wearing a size 8 again, and going to the beach without wearing a t-shirt over her bathing suit. She disbelieved in the dream and herself so much that she gave up and just stopped dreaming. 

Here are my tips for each woman {from someone who’s been each one}:

If you’re the first woman, schedule a consultation call with me. There are things getting in your way and you know I can help you. Let’s get started now.

If you’re the second woman, give the idea that the dream can actually happen AS MUCH air time as you think about it not happening. Give your brain the opportunity to realize there’s possibility there instead of focusing only on impossibility. 

Set a timer for 10 minutes and let your brain complain about how it’ll never happen. Stop when the timer goes off. Now set the timer again for 10 minutes and let your brain think about how it actually could happen. Just doing this every day could drastically change the trajectory of your entire journey.

If you’re the third woman, acknowledge that you’ve stopped dreaming. Repeat after me: “I used to have a dream and then I let it go. But I still have a brain. I can dream again.”. Now go up to tip number two and give that a try.

No matter where you are in your journey, there’s a future you on the other side of your journey rooting for you right now.

All you have to do is take one small step at a time to head towards her.

I believe in you and will believe in you until you can believe in yourself.

P.S. Click here to schedule your consultation call no matter which woman you are. I specialize in helping you dream AND making those dreams come true.

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