There are many opinions in the weight loss world about what exercise has to do with weight loss.

I’d like to offer my professional opinion as a Life and Weight Loss Coach, and as someone who has heard and acted upon many of these opinions.

Exercise has its place. Exercise is important.

Moving your body, getting your heart pumping, blood moving, muscles working are all necessary. Exercise is necessary, but…

exercise has nothing to do with weight loss.

What exercise is not:

A way to punish your body for being overweight.

A way to punish yourself for eating 4 slices of pizza.

A way to lose those dang love handles.

A way to lose weight and keep it off.

What exercise is:

A way to keep your body in shape.

A way to keep your heart strong.

A way to strengthen and tone your muscles.

A way to relax.

A way to build endurance.

If I could gift you something, it would be the gift of freeing your exercise regimen of the job to lower the number on the scale.

You lose weight by eating food for fuel and managing your mind.

You strengthen your body by exercising.

Exercise and weight loss are a team effort in living a healthy lifestyle full of long-term pleasure. Don’t get their relationship and their place in your life confused. 

How do you want to think about and use exercise on your weight loss journey and beyond?

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