An identity shift feels like the sun is about to rise.

Like something new and great is about to happen.

It feels curious and interesting.

It’s feels open and full of possibility.

It feels like change.

The process of shifting your identity might feel timeless.  

It’s full of lots of small, almost imperceptible changes.

The night turning into day takes many small moments to pass by, but then you look at the sky and see it starting to shift colors.

It’s taken all night, but the sun is finally going to be rising soon. The change is happening!

Once you’ve felt how it feels to have an identity shift, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

And you might have trouble describing it like I did because it doesn’t last long.

Once you’ve shifted your identity, you then start becoming that person.

And then you’ll know exactly what it feels like.

You’ll feel it the same way you do when the sun rises over the horizon, slowly but surely, after a long, dark night. 

Are you ready to feel the shift?

Click here to schedule your free consultation call and begin the shift today.

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