It Hasn’t Gotten Easier

And that’s ok.  If it were easy, then the reward wouldn’t be as amazing.  Plus, I’m learning that I can do hard things so all is well.

One thing I’ve learned in the last four months is that your belief in something is more important than learning how to do it.  It’s so powerful when you believe that you can make something happen even before you figure out how, in spite of the how.  When you believe you’ll do it, then you’ll figure out the how along the way.  The reward of creating that belief will pay off so much more than someone handing you instructions on how to reach your goal and you just following along.  I’m less reliant on the how of achieving my goal than I was when I first started this journey.  This quarter I’m working on believing more than anything else and it’s mind blowing.

This goal is definitely pushing me past my limits, past limits I hadn’t even realized I set for myself.  Once I reached those limits I started to feel really exhausted, mentally and physically.  My brain really wanted to go back into the cave where it was safe when I got to those limits.

I still have plenty of things I need to work on, but I am much closer to my goal than I was on January 1st.  I’m doing the work on myself and it’s clear as I’m becoming the kind of person who I need to be to achieve this impossible goal.

I’m So Grateful

I’m just really grateful that I found this idea of the impossible goal.  Setting the goal pushed me so far outside of my comfort zone.  Every day, when I’m working on something that has to do with my impossible goal, I realize that if I hadn’t set this goal I wouldn’t be evolving myself like this.

Am I any closer to believing?  Heck yes, and it has nothing to do with how I’m going to achieve my goal and has everything to do with believing.  I’m realizing I can make the impossible possible with my belief.  I’m seeing this as kind of a test to see how amazing can I make my life by changing my beliefs and purposefully directing my thoughts.

Some Advice…

Do it.  Decide to go after something you’ve been on the fence about and have been scared or too indecisive to commit to and make that decision today.  See what happens.  Go back to my articles in January and February and start this journey because even having the goal is life changing.

I’ve also learned that you have a choice with which perspective you will direct your brain towards.  As I hear about people who are going after similar goals and think about what I’ve done up to this point, I can either choose to see all of this as evidence that I’m totally going to fail or choose to see it as evidence that I am on the right track to make the impossible possible.  And since the future isn’t here yet and no one can predict which will happen, me failing or me succeeding, then why wouldn’t I choose to see it all as evidence that I’ll get it done??

So get out there and set that impossible goal!

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