I lost 10lbs… and kept it off for a year.

Each day is another piece of evidence, proof, that I’ve done it. I’ve figured it out.

For the longest time I told myself I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t figure it out, I had no control.

I could definitely lose the weight and I could definitely put the weight back on, but I never figured out how to end the gain/lose cycle.

The weight loss never lasted more than a season. Like, a literal season of the year.

I wish I could put into words how it feels to be done with the weight struggle. 

Was I waiting for the shoe to drop around spring time this year? Sure, because the past was proof that I always gain the weight back.

Was I waiting for the shoe to drop around summer time this year? Mmmh, not as much. I was seriously starting to think I’ve figured this out. Especially after the first vacation I’ve ever went on where I LOST weight on vacation.

Was I waiting for the shoe to drop this month when I hit the year mark of trying to lose weight, yet again? NOPE.

Now, I’m just cruisin’ along, solving other problems in the world because I’ve solved this one. 

Every time you think that losing the weight and actually keeping it off is nearly impossible, think of me. Coach P. I will be your example of what’s possible. ⁣

Because being done with your struggle with weight IS possible.

P.S. When you are ready to dive deep into YOUR journey to lose the weight FOR GOOD…book your consultation call

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