The number on the scale is a number.

Numbers aren’t good or bad.

They’re just numbers. Neutral.

Neutral numbers.

Your phone number doesn’t mean you’re a success or a failure.

Your address number doesn’t mean you suck or that you’re awesome.

The number you see on the scale doesn’t mean anything about you either. 

Your weight is a piece of scientific data that measures how much mass you are in weight form.


Next time you see the number on the scale, remember that it means as much about you as your phone number does.

It’s a piece of data that could be used for learning purposes if you choose to do so.

If you want to change it, then make a plan to change it and make it happen. Just like you would if you wanted to change your phone number.

Otherwise, it’s just a number.

Viewing numbers and information as neutral and something to be evaluated and learned from is what makes weight loss so easy.

When you look at the number on the scale as data, you’re gaining time back.

The time you would have spent thinking about how many times you’ve failed, how terrible you, how you’ll never figure that out.

When you look at a number as data, all that is gone.

And then your left with a lot of extra time.

What will you do with your extra time when you start looking at the number on the scale as neutral data?

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