What will it cost you to accomplish your impossible goal?

What is the price of doing something you’ve never done before?  Or the price of trying something again?

What is the currency to achieving your dream?


Some form of discomfort is the currency to going where you want to go.

Where you are right now is safe, even if it may not seem like it to you.  Your brain prefers to seek pleasure, keep away from danger, and exert the least amount of effort possible.  If you hate your current job or dread looking at yourself in the mirror because you’ve gained a few more pounds, then staying stuck in that hate and dread are the prices you’re paying to stay safe.  The hate and dread you feel is a safer and easier price to pay than doing the hard thing: making a plan, overcoming your obstacles, saying no to the indulgences, and doing the work necessary to achieve what you want.

How do I know this to be true?  Because if it was easy to make the plan and execute it just like that then everyone would achieve all the goals they set.  But they don’t.  And we don’t.  We give up.  We stop trying.  We stay in the cave.  Your brain wants you to stay in the cave where it’s safe so it’ll tell you all the lies to keep you stuck in there, such as “you’ll never be able to figure out”, “you’ll probably mess it up”, “you’re definitely going to fail”, “you’ll never be able to do what you love”, “you’ll just gain the weight back”, etc.

To make a plan, try new things, and put yourself out there is very dangerous to the brain because those are things that take you out of the cave.

So, you can either continue to believe those lies your brain is telling you to keep you stuck (safe in the cave) or you can be uncomfortable and pay the currency for your dreams.

That price may not seem like a big deal to some and may seem like a crazy undertaking to others, but either way, you’ll need to be okay with being uncomfortable to be on your way to achieving the impossible.

How do I know? Because I’m doing it right now! In fact, I’ve decided to ask myself one question every day: how can I pay the price of discomfort today to get me closer to my goal? I’m setting my brain up to be ready to go after what I want. Yes, that’s right, I’m tricking my brain into thinking I want to be uncomfortable. It’s totally awesome!

How can you pay the price of discomfort today to get you closer to your impossible goal?

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