So far in the impossible goal series I’ve discussed with you, dear reader, the idea that your thoughts create the results you have in your life.  The way you think causes you to feel a certain way which drives your actions and the actions you take create your results.  The thought patterns and beliefs you think on a daily basis are creating the effects you enjoy (or not enjoy) now.  We think a certain way now which get us the results we have now.  To get different results, to create something impossible in our lives, we have to think different thoughts.  In this article I’m going to give you (of no charge!) three thoughts people on the other side of success choose to think and believe on a daily basis. 

The Impossible is Possible

I know I’ve talked about this one plenty, but I’d really like to offer it to you as a thought to think as you continue on this journey to achieve an impossible goal.  The people who have achieved the impossible did so by believing that the impossible is possible!  It’s an easy way to trick your brain into letting go of the arguments by calling the goal impossible from the beginning, but don’t let that stop you from working on believing that you can actually do it!

Failure is Necessary

This is another one that I’ve discussed plenty in my articles and for good reason.  Once you’ve decided that failure is necessary and not a bad thing, you are on your way to achieving your goal.  I’ve heard a saying many times that failure and success live in the same neighborhood.  Get really comfortable with the thought that failure is necessary and your brain will stop trying to fight you when you go for something that you might fail at.  Because, well, failure is necessary!

Discomfort is a Price I’m Willing to Pay

Let me explain for a second.  Sometimes we don’t do things (or do things) so that we can feel good/better.  And sometimes the path to feeling that comfort is taking you in the opposite direction of your goal.  For example, you really want to lose the last 10lbs so it’s important that you plan your food ahead of time, but planning your food ahead of time takes too much effort and time and is stressful.  Instead, you decide you’ll just figure out when the time comes what you’ll eat because that feels much better than planning ahead. 

The price you would need to pay to stay on the weight loss track is that discomfort you feel when you plan your food ahead of time.  When you realize that the feeling of discomfort is the price you need to pay to achieve your impossible goal, then you can start paying it willingly.  I’m willing to be uncomfortable on my run today because it will get me closer to my goal of running a marathon.  I’m willing to pay the price of discomfort as I put my laundry away to achieve wrinkle-free clean clothes (any other laundry haters out there???).

To recap, the three things people think on the other side of success are:

The impossible is possible.

Failure is necessary.

Discomfort is a price I’m willing to pay.

Are you willing to add these to your daily thoughts?

Are they at least semi-believable to you?

What about you, how do you think on the other side of success?

752 thoughts on “Thinking on The Other Side of Success

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