I’ve broken down my Top 3 Lessons Learned for you today.

I’ve lost 10lbs. I’m losing another 10lbs. 

I’ve learned so much along this journey and I have a few things to learn still.

Here are my top 3 lessons learned from the 1st 10lbs:

1. The number on the scale is neutral. 

It’s just a number. And it means nothing about me. It’s a number in a math equation.

2. Planning ahead of time really is the secret sauce.

It’s important & useful and when I skimped on planning I felt out of whack. Discipline really does equal freedom. Now, I plan my meals 24 hours in advance. I know what in general my meals always look like. What I’m going to eat is the least of my concerns now.

3. You have to shift your identity. 

Taking the actions isn’t enough. I lost weight umpteen times and always gained it back. It wasn’t until I changed my identity to being a person who thought differently about food and my weight did I actually keep the weight off.

That last one, shifting your identity, is key and I want to bring it home for you.

I don’t know if anyone told you, but you’re a PRO at shifting your identity.

You’ve gone from being someone who is single without kids, to someone who is married and has kids. You shifted WHO you were not just the circumstances around you.

You’ve gone from being a teen to someone in their twenties to someone in their thirties and beyond. You didn’t just add a year to your age. You shifted your identity from being a teenager to a twenty-something year old to a thirty-something year old.

You went from someone who didn’t own a face mask to being someone who always keeps it on their person and never leaves home without it.

You can probably find more areas where you’ve shifted your identity. You’re a pro at it and didn’t even know it.

Which means you’ll be a pro at the identity shift when it comes to losing the weight and being at your new weight.


P.S. Don’t wait until you’re ‘ready’ to sign up for a consultation call. Just like with having a baby, you’re never really ‘ready’. You want to lose the weight? NOW is the perfect time to get started on that identity-shifting journey. Sign up for your free one hour consultation call. You ARE ready now.

P.P.S. {If you prefer video, feel free to check out this week’s FB live/IGTV (lifecoachpaigeb) to watch the video where I talk about this very topic.}

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