Have you ever told someone or something, “You’re not welcome here.”?

It doesn’t sound very nice, but let’s check that because it could be one of the most powerful things you do.

I’m giving you permission to say that very thing by the end of this article…

I found a sneaky little thought while writing today.

“I’m not doing enough.”

It feels true. As factual as the sky is blue. I’m just telling you the news here, that I’m not doing enough.

But it’s NOT true. We can’t prove it true. What does enough even mean?

There is no handbook on What Is Enough.

I’m not doing enough just doesn’t make sense.

That thought is literally holding me back and keeping me small.

For one of my weight loss clients, it was “I’ll always be this way.”

It felt true to her. Again, as if she were stating the news, she would think, ”Yep, this is just how I’m always going to be“.

But it’s NOT true. My client wasn’t peering into the future to see what would come.

Her brain was just offering her this thought to keep her from making a change. It was trying to keep her small.

Can you guess now what we do with these thoughts?

You got it, we tell them, “You are no longer welcome here.”

You are allowed to stop talking to yourself in a way that isn’t helpful or loving.

I decided I will NOT talk about myself like that. It’s just not ok.

My client decided she WON’T always be like that and stopped telling herself that as soon as she realized that thought was lingering around.

If you wouldn’t say it to your husband, your mom, or even a co-worker, then don’t allow it to linger in your brain.

What thought do you need to escort to the door, turn around, give a nice little shove, say “you’re not welcome here”, and shut the door on?

I give you all the permission you could ever need to do just that.

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