This will be more like a “how to” with wisdom sprinkled in.  I chose this topic to write about because I think there are some important things we need to go over to help you start your impossible journey.  Namely fear.  To make it simple, I’ll outline the steps and then we’ll go through each.  


  • Brainstorm an impossible goal you’d like to go for.
  • Visualize the one you’re considering.
  • Come up with reasons why it’s impossible for you.
  • Ask yourself what you’re losing out on by not going for this impossible goal.
  • Take all this previous information and decide if you will accept the challenge of going for the impossible.

See? Simple!

If that was enough of an explanation for you, then by all means, go set your goal.  If not, then keep reading.  We’ll go through each step to help you along the way of choosing your impossible goal.

Brainstorm an Impossible Goal

I mean it, brainstorm.  Take pen/pencil to paper and write down the things you’ve never tried or really even considered.  Talk to a friend, family member, co-worker, or whoever you can bounce ideas around with.  I brought up this idea to a friend of mine recently, a very close friend mind you, and she mentioned that she’d always wanted to write a book.  She never took the idea seriously because it seemed impossible and this was definitely the first time I’d heard of this idea.  I was so glad we were discussing the topic together so she had a chance to consider the possibility of choosing to write a book as her impossible journey.  

I heard Brooke Castillo say on a podcast once that there are no restrictions on imagining your future.  I swear she could have just dropped the mic and walked out of her podcast studio right then and there.  Obviously she didn’t, because that would be silly; go check it out if you want to take a listen (The Life Coach School podcast, episode #229).

One of my ideas from this brainstorm was to travel every month.  It seems impossible because of all the planning and money it would cost, but it is truly something I’d love to do.  Maybe next year?  My point is, don’t underestimate your ability to think outside the realm of possibility you’ve created for yourself.  Look to the future.  If it’s true that there are literally NO restrictions on imaging your future, then why not let your brain wander and see what it comes up with?

What could you create next year that would blow your own mind?

Visualize the Outcome

The best way I can describe visualization is when you plan a vacation.  Imagine yourself laying on a lounge chair on the top deck of your next cruise.  Feel the anticipation of your next stop and experiencing the snorkeling adventure you booked 6 months ago.  Think about the books you’ll read, selfies you’ll take, oceans you’ll swim in, and souvenir gifts you’ll buy.  This may all be made up in my mind (and now yours) but you can still visualize the vacation and maybe even have some positive feelings from the things you’re thinking about.  I sure do.

Here’s another example of visualization I think a lot of you will be able to relate with: imagining bad things happening in the future.  I’m as guilty as they come with this one.  I can imagine all the deaths and pains in the future so well that I can literally feel the worry as if it were about to happen.  Isn’t it crazy what the brain can do?  Have you ever imagined something bad happening to you or a loved one, believed it to be so possible that you take action to prevent it??  Now that’s believing hard.

Now that you’re up to speed with how powerful your brain really is, I’d like you to try visualizing what it would be like to accomplish the impossible goal you’re considering.  Is it thrilling but also makes you a little nauseous?  Perfect. Let’s keep going.

Is it thrilling but also makes you a little nauseous?  Perfect.

reasons Why It’s Impossible For You

Write them all down. Let your brain go crazy. If there are a lot of reasons, then you’re on the right track! Let that fear have a chance to speak up for a minute. It doesn’t mean you’ll take action or inaction because of the fear or whatever negative emotions come up for you, but this gives your brain a chance to get all that doubt out in the open.

Is your impossible goal just too hard? Crazy? Expensive?

Do you not have enough time? Knowledge? Resources? Money?

Do you like Youtube and Netflix too much? I’ve definitely written this reason down a few times in my past. Hey, no shame here. This is a judgement free zone.

What Would You Be Losing Out On?

I’m going to switch gears up a little bit here. Now, I’d like you to think about achieving your goal again. And this time, with your pen/pencil and paper in hand, write down all the things you’d be missing out on if you never even attempted going after the impossible.

To be honest, this one always throws me for a loop. Let me explain.

Opportunity cost is a term used in economics to describe the missed benefit when an alternative is chosen. In simpler terms: what positive benefits would you be missing out on if you didn’t go for this impossible goal?

Let’s say you’re considering setting a goal of losing 50 pounds. You may or may not have tried in the past, but as of right now, it just seems impossible to be 50 pounds lighter. Following the steps above, you’ve already visualized your life at this new weight. Now let’s think about that visualization in terms of what you could miss out on if you never even tried.

Here’s an interesting question to consider: if you tried to lose the 50 pounds and failed, what’s the worst that could happen? Wouldn’t you end up right where you are at the present? If I apply for a job I’d love to have and don’t get the job, then I’m right back at where I started. However, in both the previous examples, I’d wager money you will have learned something about yourself on that journey. And you might even have a little more courage to try again. Because what’s the worst that could happen?


You’re going to follow these steps and at some point you’re going to think to yourself “I can’t do this, I can’t choose a goal because I don’t know which one’s the right one”.

Now is the time friends. Decide and don’t look back. And don’t dawdle on deciding. Give yourself by the end of the week to do this exercise and then go all in.

I’m going to predict the future for some of you right now. You’re going to follow these steps and at some point you’re going to think to yourself “I can’t do this, I can’t choose a goal because I don’t know which one’s the right one”. In comes fear and out goes your motivation to try the impossible.

Don’t let fear take over! Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her relationship with fear in Big Magic. She said she lets fear ride along in the metaphorical car next to her with creativity on the other side. But she warns fear that it is not allowed to touch any of the dials, windows, and especially not the steering wheel. I want you to know that fear might voice its opinion and, honestly, I’d be surprised if it didn’t. That’s even more reason to get going! It means you’re on the right track. So keep going and be sure to let fear know it’s been heard and it’s opinions have been noted. And that’s it.

Alright folks. Those were the 5 steps to choosing your impossible goal. Did you try it out? Let me know in the comments below. I would love nothing more than to know that even one of my readers has set out to do the impossible.

Now go do the impossible!

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