You want to lose 20lbs. You look to your past and think, “I’ve done it before, I can do it again.”

Even though you ended up gaining the weight back that you lost, you think you shouldn’t need help, you’ll just do what you did back then.

And you don’t want to look for help because you’re a Life Coach and you should “know” how to do it.

This is where we get ourselves into trouble.

How you did it in the past isn’t what’s going to work now or in the future.

It wasn’t sustainable or you would have easily kept the weight off.

But we avoid asking for help to “save” money, time, and energy (and to save face if we’re being honest with ourselves).

So instead we:
👉 look to the past,
👉 do those quick-fix diets, juice cleanses, and crazy exercise regiments we’ve done before,
👉 lose weight,
👉 stop doing those things because they were just quick-fixes,
👉 gain the weight back,
👉 go into a shame spiral, 
👉 rinse & repeat.

I have done this. My clients have done this. And maybe you’ve done this, too.

What’s ultimately created is a cycle of suffering: time wasted, money wasted, both spent and what wasn’t created in your business when in the cycle of suffering, and lost trust in yourself.

My clients come to our consult call having experienced all of that, and yet they find that the possibility of losing weight differently still exists.

Believing in the possibility is all it takes in the beginning.

I know what’s possible for you because I was my first client: I created a six-figure business while losing 20+ pounds and then keeping it off the simple way.

Yes, you lost weight before but it wasn’t sustainable. You’re ready to make the most of your time, money, and energy by losing weight the simple and sustainable way.

Are you willing to leave the past in the past and believe in the possibility that you can lose weight differently this time?

My clients are leaving the past behind, looking to the future for what’s possible, and letting go of the cycle of suffering.

That’s available for you.

It starts with a consult call.

Just scheduling that call signifies that you’re willing to do it differently from now on.

You’ll tell me about your dream body, health goals, and the kind of relationship with food you want in the future.

We’ll talk about my process and 1:1 coaching program and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

And you’ll leave that one-hour call knowing exactly how to lose weight the simple way.

You’ll be that much closer to Future You.

It’s worth it to do it differently, my friend.

Book your call and start your transformation by clicking this link here.


P.S. Have reservations? Hit reply and let me know what they are. It’s my goal to help hundreds of Life Coaches lose weight, achieve that elusive weight loss goal, and know that they can keep it off as they continue growing their businesses to six figures and beyond. If that’s you and you’re still not sure, hit reply and tell me what’s up. I’ve got you.

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