If you lost weight, drop everything right this minute, and go buy some new clothes.

I know what you’re thinking. “I’m afraid I’ll just gain it back.”

Listen. Last time I lost 10lbs, I was AFRAID to buy new clothes because I was AFRAID I was going to gain the weight back.

No, retract that. I KNEW I was going to gain the weight back. Because I’d always done it before. 

If you’re also avoiding buying clothes because of the same fear…

If you’re already envisioning yourself donating those “skinny” clothes that fit just a few months ago, shaking your head at yourself for thinking it was a good idea to buy smaller size pants….

Then listen up!

If I could go back and have a talk with myself last year this is what I would say:

“You create your future in every decision you make in the present. Stop being afraid of what COULD happen and MAKE the future happen, the kind of future you WANT to happen.”

The past doesn’t prove what you can do in the future! I am living proof of that as I keep the weight off every day, even though the past says I always gain the weight right back.

I know you don’t believe me because the past is full of palpable proof for you.

But what if, the one thing you needed to do to have a future vastly different than the past was ACT like it’ll be different.

Go buy those clothes as if the future was different than your past.

That’s what I did. I decided to go buy new clothes, at a different size, wishing and hoping I wouldn’t have to donate another set of clothes in a few months.

Just that one act gave me a little confidence. A little bit of confidence had me thinking a little bit differently about my meal plan, my workouts, and my weight.

I created a new future one decision at a time and it all started by letting go of the stories of the past.

What do you need to let go of to move forward?

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P.P.S. Coaching is right for you. I just know it.

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