My client M has lost 24lbs in our 9 months together. She is at her goal weight. It’s done!

And yet…it’s not about the scale for her.

She came to me wanting to lose nearly 25lbs, to stop eating too much at meals, and to learn how to listen to her satisfaction levels.

She wanted to be better at feeling her feelings and not eating them, to let go of that extra weight of mental energy around food, and to feel good in her clothes.

Ultimately, though, she wanted to stop believing she was letting her Future Self down and doing her a disservice.

She told me, “Weight loss feels like the elusive R line”.

She had created so many amazing results (what she means by R line) in her life, but losing weight felt like the ultimate impossibility.

After just 9 months of working together in my 1:1 coaching program, taking action with simple tools like the 3 super simple steps, AND doing the mindset work…

She’s at her goal. Done. Finito. Finished.

(The image is the graph showing her weight loss over the 9 months!)

But, for her, the impact is far beyond the scale. Here’s what she had to say in one of our sessions:

“Our work together means I’m spending so much less time and energy beating myself up, spinning in negative and indulgent feelings…

Now I know how to process those feelings and not perpetuate them with overeating.

Which means I free up so much more energy for my business, and a willingness to go for the big, scary, things that I might ‘fail’ at, knowing that I’ve got the emotional resilience to have my own back, no matter what.”

You know you want to lose weight, drop the extra time you spend arguing with yourself, and feel better. And that’s enough of a reason to get started and go after your goal.


But the impact of going after this goal goes way beyond the scale:

  • You’ll show up more confident and certain in your coaching relationships.
  • You’ll sell with more oomph than ever before because you’ll be in the breakthrough of mindset coaching and making your goal happen.
  • You’ll radically change your relationship with yourself which will impact how you show up with your family and your friends.
  • You’ll be a living, breathing example of what’s possible for anyone who’s in your world inspiring them to go after what feels impossible, too.

The impact of the growth you’ll experience in just 6 short months of doing the mindset work and taking simple action is immeasurable, but you’ll see it and experience it every day for the rest of your life.

You’ll lose weight, but it won’t be just the scale that changes.

Click here to schedule your consultation call and learn more about working with me in my 1:1 Simple Weight Loss Coaching Program.

On the consult call, we’ll talk about what the impact going after your goal will have on you, those around you, and the world.

Let’s go.


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