I’m very smart.

Not the normal kind of smart either. This intelligence of mine is two-sided.

For example, when I failed the most I’ve ever failed in my business, I hid…from myself.

And just as easily as I can hide from myself, I can figure myself out.

I also might be kind of crazy too, but all the best people are really 😉

I’ve been putting off doing more than minimal work in my coaching business.

And I’ve been coming up with good excuses for it too.

Do you know how hard it is to come out of hiding when you are really good with excusing yourself?


I’ve been busy with other things, like holidays, and time with my family, you know important things.

So it’s “ok” that I’ve been ignoring things in my business.

This time of year, my clients do the same type of thing with their weight.

They hide from their goal to lose weight and they have very good excuses for it too, like the holidays. 

It feels impossible to get out from under this cycle, especially if your number one excuse IS the holidays. 

The holidays run for a long time!

Fortunately, I am also the hero in my own story because as I said earlier, I figure myself out too.

I cut through my own BS and come out from under the pile of my lovely excuses and face, well, myself.

Let me tell you something, hiding is much easier than facing yourself, especially when facing yourself means facing the fear and shame you’ve been hiding from.

But facing yourself is freeing and there’s nothing better than feeling free.

I’ve gotten pretty good at facing myself and now I help my clients face themselves.  

I can help them so well because I’ve hid so many times in my life.

Heck, I just finished hiding! I KNOW I can help my clients face their own music because I’ve become a pro at facing mine.

We hide for good reasons. Feeling the fear and shame of failing at your goal over and over again feels TERRIBLE. That’s why our excuses feel so right and compelling.

I’ll share a little secret with you as I’ve become so intelligent in this area with all of my practice: facing yourself becomes much easier when you do it with love for yourself.

I’ve been hiding from my business and the moment I figured myself out, I felt love for myself.

I was hiding because I wasn’t ready to feel the fear and shame of failing (which subsequently, I was also bringing upon myself).

Just like you wouldn’t be mad at a dog for hiding from a loud sound, I wasn’t mad at myself for hiding from something like shame.

So I’m done hiding, I’ve figured myself out, I’ve loved myself through the process of facing that fear and shame, and now I’m even more ready and armed than ever before to move forward. 

P.S. If you’re like me and have two-sided intelligence, then let’s get on a call  and see if coaching is right for you. You want help facing yourself and now you know you don’t have to do it by yourself. If you can get help figuring out how to stop hiding and love yourself through the process, then there’s no reason to do it alone. I help my clients with this every single week and I’d love to help you, especially if you’re struggling with hitting your goal weight and keeping that weight off.

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