It’s not just about the weight loss for us.

It’s more than just a number on the scale.

You want to feel better. Mentally and physically.

You want to stop obsessing about food, your weight, and your body. And you want to save time. One hundred and sixty-eight hours to be exact.

I used to spend hours a week obsessing about food, the number on the scale, my body, how my clothes fit.

If my weight went up, I’d obsess about everything I did wrong and what a failure I am.

If my weight went down, I’d obsess about everything I ate and made sure I stayed in restriction mode for fear the number wouldn’t stay down.

That’s a lot of time I didn’t even realize I was wasting until I stopped obsessing.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours is the amount of time you could save in just one year. (And that’s just the minimum calculation!)

In one year…

-when you do the work we do together with weight loss coaching,

-when you unlearn old patterns of thinking, old habits of obsessing,

-and you learn new ways to think about food and your body

…you’ll be done obsessing.

You’ll save time you don’t even realize you’re using to obsess right now.

When you use my 3 simple steps to lose weight w/ease (an important part of this process) you’ll spend 2 minutes a day to plan your food ahead of time and that’s it.

You’ll trust that you’ll honor your plan you no longer have to think about food. It’s a done deal.

You know what you’re going to eat and you’re going to eat it because you’ll have the skill to do what you said you’re going to do. Boom, it’s done.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours.

What would you do with an extra 168 hours a YEAR to spend in your life?

-Would you spend it on your business?

-Would you use that time to improve your coaching skills?

-Would you spend it with your kids, animal kids, partner, family, or friends?

-Would you spend it learning how to make more money and sign more clients?

-Or would you spend it in front of the pool chilling by yourself each week?

I want you to consider that weight loss is an awesome side effect. And feeling better is amazing…

But saving time and being able to use that time in a way that’s way more in alignment with how you want to live your life… That’s the best part.

You’ll freaking save time by going on this journey! Let’s get started. Click here to take the next step and book your consultation call. 

P.S. I’ve had a client tell me on a consult call that she doesn’t honor her commitments. And here’s what I want to say to you who is thinking the same thing: Don’t let that stop you.

We will work on this very thing on the consult call before we even get started with coaching. It’s the first step to becoming your future self who does honor her commitments. Bring your doubts and your desires to the consult call. Let’s figure this out together. Book your one-hour consult call today .

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