Let’s Do This

Lose The Weight . . . For Good

I don’t want to live a normal life. When society said growing up meant to get a 9-5 job, get married, buy a house, have kids, and retire at 65, I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

I’ve had a 9-5 job for most of my entire working life.

I have traveled around the world instead of buying a house.

I love my fur baby more than anything and don’t plan on having children.

I’m fired up by working and don’t plan on retiring till MAYBE 80. 

When society or even my own mind offers me limits, I turn right around and push past them. 

I did this with my weight after 16 YEARS of dieting.

I had nearly accepted being overweight. 

No, I had never been unhealthily overweight, but I DEPENDED on food to calm me down, to ease sadness, to make me feel better after a long day at work, to help me celebrate anything and everything. 

I knew I needed to make a change when I scrolled through my pictures over the years and could tell when I was dieting and when I wasn’t by the weight I gained/lost in my face.

I literally felt out of control of my own body, but I couldn’t understand what I as doing wrong or how to fix it. I felt helpless.

I KNEW I was missing something when I kept gaining back any weight I actually lost doing diet after diet after diet. 

But I wasn’t about to give up. Me and you? We are problem solvers! 

I wasn’t about to give up just because it was “normal” for people around me to be overweight and stressed out about it. 

Remember…. Normal is boring! I want to achieve the impossible! 

I did it. And I’m doing it every day.

By learning how to feel my feelings instead of eating my feelings, I freed up my time and energy to strive for and achieve other impossible things.

I started a business.

I became the kind of wife who doesn’t try to change her husband — no matter how many times he forgets to take out the trash.

Ending my struggle with weight loss, I freed up my desire for things like time with friends and family and experiences such as hiking Half Dome mountain.

I know you. You are also one of a kind, a go-getter, a kick-butt woman. 

You’ve achieved the impossible in your business and now you’re ready to do so in your life by losing the weight FOR GOOD. 

You’ve rode the diet rollercoaster and have tried all the different weight loss strategies known to man. You’re done with being restricted.  (Atkins diet sound familiar? Lemon juice with cayenne pepper ring a bell?). 

You know there’s more to overcoming your weight struggle than just knowing how many grams of protein to eat in a day. 

You realize how much time is wasted thinking about your weight, your failure to keep the weight off, your guilt and shame for not being able to “just eat less.”

Losing the weight for good, will not only have you finally fitting into that dress you’ve been dreaming of wearing, it will free your mind up.

Then, you can actually focus on what makes you feel good, become more productive and efficient than ever before, and make even more money in your business. 

I know because this is exactly what I did. And I’ll help you do the same. 

I want more women business owners out there in the world kicking butt and taking names.  

I help you break free of the food and weight struggle that’s holding you back so that you can break even more glass ceilings.

I’ll help you, not by holding your hand and handing you a meal plan or a diet, but by finding the underlying cause of your overeating habits, giving you a swift kick in the butt (with love) when necessary, not letting you get by with excuses, and believing in you entirely until you are ready and able to believe in yourself. 

I will help you push past your current limits and achieve what has seemed impossible for so long. 

Let’s do this