Remember those Goosebumps books, where you got to choose the next part of the story every few pages, and if you read it more than once you never knew what the ending was going to be each time?

I think the author, R. L. Stine, got his inspiration from life.

I mean, that’s literally what we do, right? We try something, make a change, try something else, make another change, and in the end either succeed or fail.

Then we start a new adventure to go for a new goal or try for the one we failed at again.

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I work with a lot of women online business owners.

They’re working hard to make money on their own, for economic responsibility.

Some of them do so while working a full time job as well.

And when the going gets tough as they build they’re businesses, they find themselves turning to food to lessen the anxiety and ease the stress.

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