My client M has lost 24lbs in our 9 months together. She is at her goal weight. It’s done!

And yet…it’s not about the scale for her.

She came to me wanting to lose nearly 25lbs, to stop eating too much at meals, and to learn how to listen to her satisfaction levels.

She wanted to be better at feeling her feelings and not eating them, to let go of that extra weight of mental energy around food, and to feel good in her clothes.

Ultimately, though, she wanted to stop believing she was letting her Future Self down and doing her a disservice.

She told me, “Weight loss feels like the elusive R line”.

She had created so many amazing results (what she means by R line) in her life, but losing weight felt like the ultimate impossibility.

After just 9 months of working together in my 1:1 coaching program, taking action with simple tools like the 3 super simple steps, AND doing the mindset work…

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It’s not just about the weight loss for us.

It’s more than just a number on the scale.

You want to feel better. Mentally and physically.

You want to stop obsessing about food, your weight, and your body. And you want to save time. One hundred and sixty-eight hours to be exact.

I used to spend hours a week obsessing about food, the number on the scale, my body, how my clothes fit.

If my weight went up, I’d obsess about everything I did wrong and what a failure I am.

If my weight went down, I’d obsess about everything I ate and made sure I stayed in restriction mode for fear the number wouldn’t stay down.

That’s a lot of time I didn’t even realize I was wasting until I stopped obsessing.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours is the amount of time you could save in just one year. (And that’s just the minimum calculation!)

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