Going from the IDEA of making a change to TAKING ACTION is the hardest part of your journey.

When I looked at my wardrobe last fall and realized how unsophisticated jeans and t-shirts were for a future counselor (turned Life Coach), I knew I HAD to make a change.

But even thinking about achieving a very “adult-like” wardrobe full of cardigans, tunics, and booties was so overwhelming I had to shut the closet door and go get on Facebook to watch cats be cats.

Starting is hard. It’s the hardest part of any journey. 

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I ask my clients to plan out their meals 24 hours in advance.

When they eat something that wasn’t on their plan, they went “off plan”.

It’s dinner time and you planned for chicken thighs and broccoli.

It’s been a long day of working on your business, you’re tired and definitely don’t feel like cooking. So you decide to eat cookies and popcorn instead. 

You went “off plan”.

And now the guilt, shame, and frustration set in.

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