Have you ever wanted to believe something different than you do right now? A better question might be: have you ever wanted to do something different in your life? To do something we have to think in a way that gets us in action. If you want to do something different, then you need to think differently. If you want to do something impossible, you have to choose to believe the impossible is possible. I call this believing on purpose.

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Rocket Ships and Procrastinating

In the podcast series, The One Thing (Episode 175), Geoff Woods discusses the idea that rocket ships use 70% of their fuel in the first 2 minutes of taking off.  The rocket ship has to use that much effort to even get started in order to overcome gravity.  This one fact had me thinking about the idea of getting started and what rocket ships have to do with procrastinating…

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So far in the impossible goal series I’ve discussed with you, dear reader, the idea that your thoughts create the results you have in your life.  The way you think causes you to feel a certain way which drives your actions and the actions you take create your results.  The thought patterns and beliefs you think on a daily basis are creating the effects you enjoy (or not enjoy) now.  We think a certain way now which get us the results we have now.  To get different results, to create something impossible in our lives, we have to think different thoughts.  In this article I’m going to give you (of no charge!) three thoughts people on the other side of success choose to think and believe on a daily basis. 

not being ready.

feeling terrible.

the fact that it’s probably not going to be perfect.

not feeling like it.

having had a long day at work.

all the other things that need to get done.

the fact that no one else but you would know.

the possibility that you’ll fail.

the fear that comes along with taking action.

not knowing what to do first.

feeling overwhelmed by it all.

all the reasons you tell yourself not to.

all the reasons the world tells you not to.

Just do it.

Take action.