Going from the IDEA of making a change to TAKING ACTION is the hardest part of your journey.

When I looked at my wardrobe last fall and realized how unsophisticated jeans and t-shirts were for a future counselor (turned Life Coach), I knew I HAD to make a change.

But even thinking about achieving a very “adult-like” wardrobe full of cardigans, tunics, and booties was so overwhelming I had to shut the closet door and go get on Facebook to watch cats be cats.

Starting is hard. It’s the hardest part of any journey. 

Creating a new wardrobe was so mind boggling that I wouldn’t let myself consider it for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Just thinking about all the things I’d have to learn, the time it would take to go to stores and try on clothes, all the thoughts I would have about how this just isn’t me and that I should just give up, were waaaaaaay too overwhelming for me to handle.

It was the exact same thing every time I tried to lose weight.

Except add onto that the “proof” that I would just gain the weight back, as my brain decided was important to tell me over and over again.

The NUMBER ONE reason starting is the HARDEST PART of any journey are the things you tell yourself.

I can’t do it.

I’m not smart enough.

I’ll never be able to figure this out.

There’s something wrong with me.

I’m not the kind of person who wears “nice” clothes.

I’ve never been able to keep the weight off for good.

There’s no point in trying again.

I have no control.

It’s too hard.

Let me tell you, as I sit here with my tunic, cardigan, leggings, and booties on, that actually getting over those thoughts and STARTING your journey is 1000% worth it.

This month I am celebrating that I’ve lost 10lbs and have kept the weight for one year.

Where am I today wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t started last year.

Sometimes I still have thoughts like the above as I continue going for new goals, like building a business. 

But I’ve learned over the last year that those thoughts will eventually turn into different thoughts.

I can totally do this.

I can figure this out.

I don’t have to do this alone.

I can do hard things.

I am in control of me.

I am smart enough.

There is nothing wrong with me.

THOSE kinds of thoughts make doing the hard thing and STARTING totally worth it.

It may take you some time to start your weight loss journey (again), or you might decide to start right now, but either way, do it. Get started.

Next year, around this time, you’ll look back just as I did today and be so grateful you started and got the hard part out of the way.

You’ll be wondering what else you could do now that you know how amazing you are at starting a new journey. 

P.S. I know keeping the weight off is hard, even impossible. But that’s what I’m here for. I’ve done it. I know why you can’t keep the weight off. When you let go of the idea that you “just can’t figure it out” and decide you want help, we will work together to solve for the underlying reason so that you can actually keep the weight off for good. You will learn why you overeat and will have the tools necessary to keep the weight off forever. Book your consultation call today.

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