It’s New Years Resolution Time!

It’s that time of year where everyone is ready to push aside the successes and failures of 2019 and set new ambitious goals for the start of a new decade.

Lose weight!

Buy a house!

Get a pay raise!

Meet the man/woman of your dreams!

As a Life Coach specializing in losing weight for good, I bask in the excitement of those ready to lose weight once and for all!

Now, you might be one of those people, excited to set your weight loss goal for 2020…

Or you might one of those people thinking: 

“Here we go again.”

“I’m tired of setting goals just to fail at them over and over again.”

“There’s no point in setting a weight loss goal this new year because I’ve failed so many times before.”

“I’m just going to focus on my business and let go of wanting to lose the weight.”

No fear or judgement here my friend.

I was there once too. 

Fighting myself on whether to set a weight loss goal as my New Years resolution yet again.

Terrified to tell people that I failed again and and that I’m setting a repeat goal because I’m a failure.

Considering foregoing the whole weight loss idea and just focusing on school or my business.

Questioning how many times I should try to lose weight and how many different products/program I should test out before completely giving up.

If you’re reading this then here’s what I know:

You really do want to be done with overeating and the weight loss/gain roller coaster.

So, in light of the New Years, I’m going to give you some tips on how to get back on the goal-setting wagon so you can give yourself a chance to tackle losing weight for good.

1.) Failing is NOT a bad thing.

Failing doesn’t make you a failure.

In fact, failing is necessary to succeed.

Failing is how you learn what doesn’t work on your way to figuring out what does work.

There’s no other way to succeed. I promise.

2.) Your goal has nothing to do with other people…

and other people’s opinions have NOTHING to do with your goal.

Letting someone’s opinion about your goal get in the way of setting a goal is like letting the passenger in your car take the wheel.

It doesn’t make sense, and yet, when we consider what other people might think about setting yet “another” weight goal, we’re just handing over the steering wheel of our life to them.

Letting go of what other people might think of you could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your future skinnier self.

3.) Falling means get back up again NOT stay down.

Failing is a good thing remember? So failing doesn’t mean stay down and stop trying. That would be quitting.

Falling down means try again. Say that to yourself over and over again and you’ll be living a different kind of life.

You failed at weight loss last year? Evaluate what happened, what worked, and what didn’t. Now try again.

Fall and get back up.

4.) Losing weight is hard and that’s ok.

Losing weight is not easy.

It’s simple, but not easy. And that’s not a problem.

There are a lot of hard things we set out to do in this life.

The difference between sticking with a goal and letting go of one is whether you’ve made peace with it being hard.

Make peace with it and move on.

5.) There’s nothing wrong with wanting change.

You can want to change and not feel bad, guilty, shameful, or hate towards yourself.

Wanting to change things in yourself means seeing something that’s just not working anymore and decided to change it.

I don’t like how snarky I am to strangers. I see this in myself that I want to change in and I commit to changing it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting change so why not go for it?

Include just ONE of these tips and you’ll be well on your way to setting and achieving your weight goal (or any other goal you’re going for).

P.S. If you’d like help conquering your weight loss goal once and for all, then let’s work together. I take you through a 4-step process of learning, failing, and succeeding to help you lose the weight and keep it off. I am serious about making changes in our culture when it comes to food and weight. It’s my mission to help hundreds of women lose the weight for good so they can get back to living their life. If you’re serious too, then let’s get on a call and see if coaching is right for you.

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