We’ve talked about the possible before.  I’ve used it in comparison form to discuss the impossibility of things.  Today I want to dive deeper into what is possible and how you can create your own possibilities to achieve whatever it is you want to do.  Even the i m p o s s i b l e…

Create and Imagine

How did you create what you have in your life right now?  Your job, your relationships, your hobbies, your income, all of it you created for yourself.  Since I can’t hear your reply I’ll give you my answer: you imagined it…you imagined it and it became a possibility in your mind.  

Have you ever thought to yourself: “That’s a good idea” or “That’d be really cool”?  Then you’ve definitely created possibilities in your mind.

You imagined this job, this relationship, this goal as a possibility and then you decided it was what you really wanted so you took whatever action was necessary to make it happen.  This is how you’ve created your current life.

Sometimes we’re able to imagine things easier because they already exist in the world.  I knew I wanted to continue my learning after high school, and I already knew college existed, so I created this idea of me getting accepted into and attending college.  I actually imagined me being there and how much fun I was going to have!  It then became a possibility for me.  And I acted on that possibility until it became a reality in my life.

My coach Brooke Castillo said, “We think change happens because circumstances happen out there in the world.  That is not how it works.  We create the possibility in our mind of something existing and then it exists.”

Sure colleges exist in the world, and I exist in the world, but me going to college wasn’t a possibility until I created it in my mind.  I didn’t just go to college because that was the thing to do, I created that possibility for myself.

What if you could create possibilities in your life just by imagining them?  What would your brain come up with?  Really answer this because here’s a hint: you can.

You were given a brain that can imagine things that don’t yet exist.  Prove it to yourself.  Look in your closet at your wardrobe. How did you compile these individual articles of clothing into one closet?  Because you thought about what kind of wardrobe you wanted and went and bought them.  You imagined that wardrobe; it became a possibility, and now it exists in your closet.

The Future

Here’s what’s really cool: you can use that very ability to imagine and create the future you want.  You can look beyond your past and present to something that may not even exist yet.  If you want to make a change in your life, you know that you can because you have a brain that can think!  You can ask yourself what kind of career you really want or where it’d be amazing to live and let your brain explore.  

Let’s go back to the closet scenario for a second.  Say you’ve moved and couldn’t bring your current wardrobe.  It’s time to go shopping and create a new wardrobe.  In this scenario, you’d probably revert to what you already know when it comes to clothing.  You know that blue jeans and a t-shirt with some tennis shoes look good so that’s what you stick with.  You created your present reality by looking to your past.  We tend to think that what is possible is what we’ve seen or what we’ve done in our past. There’s nothing wrong with looking to your past or buying the same kind of wardrobe.  I just want you to consider what you could do if you imagined what could be.

It’s good to know that we tend to default to looking to our past for what we know to be possible for us because then you can do something about it.

Imagine what you want in the future as if you could imagine anything because you can.  So, do it.  If you keep looking backwards, you’ll continue to create only your current reality.  And that’s a bummer because there’s no room for growth if we continue doing the things we’ve already done.

If you can imagine anything and create it as a possibility, then think about who you want to become and what you want to do.


Now it’s a possibility.

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