Have you ever wanted to believe something different than you do right now? A better question might be: have you ever wanted to do something different in your life? To do something we have to think in a way that gets us in action. If you want to do something different, then you need to think differently. If you want to do something impossible, you have to choose to believe the impossible is possible. I call this believing on purpose.

A belief is just a pattern of thoughts you think over and over again.  This might become a problem if you’re wanting to make a change in your life that conflicts with a current belief.  Here are a few examples of beliefs that might be getting in the way:

     This is impossible
     I’m not good with time
     I’m not good with money
     I don’t trust myself
     I’m just not someone who exercises
     I have no self-discipline
     I can’t do hard things
     I’m not worthy

When you think these thoughts over and over again, you act on them, sometimes unconsciously.  They become a belief and have an effect in your life that proves them to be true to you.  When you believe you’re not good with money, you’ll act from that belief by most likely over spending and not creating a budget, which will prove to you that you’re not good with money.

Want to make a change in your life and believe a new thought on purpose?  Follow these steps:

1.) Choose a Thought to Believe on Purpose

It has to be a thought that makes you feel better and is semi-believable right now to get your brain on board with it.

When you think you’ve got a good thought, try it on (like clothes at a store, take it to the dressing room!).  Think this new thought and see how it makes you feel.  Pay attention to your brain and your thoughts about the new thought (meta, I know).  Maybe you try on the thought, “money is easy” and your brain instantly rejects it.  Now you know to try a different thought.  So then you try on the thought, “I am learning how to become good with money” and that one feels good to you and also kinda believable. Bingo!

Here are a few examples of thoughts you might choose to believe on purpose:

     I can do anything
     Nothing is impossible
     I am right where I’m supposed to be
     Money is easy
     I am good with time management
     I never question my decisions
     I am self-disciplined
     I can do hard things
     I am worthy
     I am valuable

2.) Think it Every Day

This is important!  You sleep every day, you eat every day, and now you think about your new belief every day.  You are literally rewiring your brain.  That takes practice and time.  You are choosing to believe a new thought on purpose so give your brain a chance to learn this new thought.  If a belief is just a pattern of thoughts you think over and over again, then use each day as a chance to think this new thought over and over again!

 3.) Envision

Answer the following questions and envision how you will feel, what you will do, and what result you’ll have in your life when you believe your new thought.  This is just another way to solidify the new belief in your life.  You are becoming the person who believes on purpose!  Answer these questions and embody the answers now.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

     How would I feel if I truly believed [new thought]?

     What would I do if I believed [new thought]?

     How would my life be different if I believed [new thought]?

4.) Repeat Steps 2 & 3

Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until your new thought is your new belief.  You’ll know it’s your new belief when you take a look at the results you’ve created in your life.  When they align with your belief you’ll know this is because you truly believe this new thought [See article: Create Results for more about creating results in your life and what that entails].

When you truly believe that you are learning how to become good with money you’ll know because you’ll have learned the skills necessary to become good at money.  You believed on purpose!

Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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